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Qi-Mobile© Cherry | Gold

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Qi-Mobile protects you against radiation while being on the way.
Reach of efficacy: 3,3 ft. radius / 1,0 m radius
Metrics: ca. 4 in. length / 2,7 in. width / 1 in. hight
10 cm length / 7 cm width / 2,5 cm hight
weight: ca. 0,8 lb. / 350 g

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Product Description

You do not want to suffer from a countless number of electric device in your area while you are travelling? For this Qi-Mobile is our solution for you.

The pocket-sized Qi-Mobile has a radius of more than 3 feet / 1 meter and builds up a protective shield around the human body. While being in the area of your Qi-Mobile your body will not suffer from the result that mobile phone radiation or other electromagnetic frequencies are coursing to you.

In contrast to a Qi-Home the Qi-Mobile does not have any influence on water, air, groceries or geopathical stresses. It is only developed as a protection agains radiation-caused damage.

Every Qi-Mobile is unique!

Qi-Mobile-products are made of solid wood. Therefore the products may vary in color and vein compared to the pictures in the product catalog and on the website.

Every wood species has special characteristic attributes and effect.

The special characteristics and effects of Qi-Mobile products made of cherrywood:

  • brings joy, fun and warmth in your life
  • cherrywood was dedicated to female deities and is related to the moon
  • vitality, communication, beauty, fertility, pleasure, encouraging, refreshing, cardiotonic
  • furthers love and tenderness

You can put your Qi-Mobile in your pocket, on your desk or next to your bed – choose what is best for you.

Please keep in mind to store the Qi-Mobile in a place with a minimum temperature of at least 41°F / 5°C!

Additional Information

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 10 x 7 x 2.5 cm


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